About : Labosample.com

GENTAUR Labosample is a branch of the GENTAUR companies that for the past 17 years have been leaders in distribution of Biotechnology products and equipments across the World.

Gentaur Labosample is 600 manufacturers background and in our Database there is unlimited number of products for all categories and researches.

We can supply You quickly with unlimited of ready-to-use kits for different immuno-assays (Western-Blot, ELISA, RIA, IFA), and also (antibodies, buffers, micro-plates with or without different types of coating and with different binding affinity, antigens to be used as positive controls and many more). In our website You can find thousands of poly-clonal and mono-clonal anti-bodies for various antigens, with or without conjugates, suitable for a wide range of applications, immunohistochemistry, immunofluorescence, including flow cytometry, and more.

With us You can also order Elisa-kits that are custom made especially to help you.

Labosample is your support in researches on Genomic – we can supply PCR for detecting all types of mutations, parasites, pathogens. With our kits for DNA/RNA extraction your results are guaranteed!